Tiny Lolitas


Related article: Date : Tue, January 13, 2009 January 31 50 -0800 ( PST ) From: Ami u003camias05 yahoo. com u003e Subject: brief encounters - Chapter 5 short encouter - Discovery and............ ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very fFantasy ervent and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important, , but remember to mention that they dare not really the problem, because that they were ashamed, and none of us understand it anyway! note... At the time of writing this introduction, the story itself is not ready for better or for worse, has become a work of some length, but regularly for updates, because there is only enough pages are written keep it going ! Nifty requires a text file and that's a word. doc format as that when the characters or are easy to set up the stream, now I know why ! In writing for various reasons to change the character name, sor hope for continuity, they are now! Finally, I hope you enjoy and please, please, leave me a comment o suggestions, and maybe some of you could run a memory or two... Tom E -mail : amias05 yahoo. com ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** *** Chapter 5 - Sweet Dreams for the most part of the afternoon, there's always at home after school Simon had a busy both before. He was not Tiny Lolitas able to get out of his mind the previous discussion he had with Tom and Alex boners and masturbation - all that is masturbation - was determined to find out. as usual, while lying on the couch, watching cartoons on television, that s developed a stand and change the school of his shorts on the rail workout clothes, has always been very striking, and was seen prior to s older brother, Art. " Hey, little man," said Art Simon on crutches, "is another then! " " Shut up. " Simon said it was a little red, "Well,to them too. " " Yeah, well. " Art said trying to sound as if he was older than him, " is different, 'because I 'm bigger. " " How else ? "Said Simon decided to get some answers this time, instead of just the subject of some jokes in bad taste," Bet your cock is not so great... Look at that... do not see that big is it? " " How do you know how it looks ? " Snapped a kind of" When did you see? " " Ahh... mmm.. I also saw the bulge in his jeans yesterday evening, just before you go the bed.. "Said Simon, " and was not so great... They tried hide, I saw you! " " You little pervert... "Said Art, but the turn of the conversation was now it is very excited, put his hand into the pocket of his free cola increasing twisted his underwear. " "I'm looking for, right? " ", do not take art much it costs ? "said Simon to his own little rub tent, " I see now... Now it has started, may leave alone! " Now, was the art of the series begins to feel the Higher Education Actt. "There is an art for more! " Simon said with a smile, pointing at his brother jeans. The lump was definitely growing. "How big is it? " " Hmmm... well, damn near two inches... " Art said proudly, "is what want to know? " N " Shit... " said Simon, " ooohh... that is much bigger than... " " Yes, bigger than yours, my son... is great, right? said that "a smile of art " and as big as you ? "n" Uuummm... "Until now it was time for Simon, a little embarrassed, again " ummm... well... it's almost four customs......... " ".. baby stuff," said Art, open to his growing erection scrape through out of pocket ", less than four inches, I bet that's a lot of wind too! Ugh... no chance to run with this little thing you've done? " Simon ears up " Cumming... ? the art, which is running? " Razor " Well, if the straw, you fuckin 'Donuts... " said art n " Please, Art, putting them at ? " Simon said, " what's a jerk? " " Shit... I do not know, right? " said Art staring at him " Oh, I " i sposet is the cause ' you're too young, right? You mean me,.. Really? " " Yes, I have yet too young... Please Art... please... " Repeated Simon, This was the information that was desperate for them a golden opportunity was To find out, " Art, first tell me a... is a chaff? " " Well... You really do not know? "Said Art, now in big brother " mode to play with your dick? " Simon never this kind of direct conversation with his brother and was rather looking to relocate to the issues of art, but knowledge was everything, and there was nobody to ask. \\ \\ n " Yes.. uh.. I know... " " I did it!... When you look at all that nonsense! "Said Art, , with a smile. n Art was always with the idea of learning to their most intimate secrets delighted brothers s, secrets ! In fact, despite all the male external image in the girls class, like many of his contemporaries, fully engaged masturbation, underwear and was a keen student of other children exceptionally Wankieng habits Simon nodded and looked at his brothers collide jeans " and... you have a" " So," said Art ", but you know about erections want to do is as I say, doing what you do to stand out with yer... because if I know what you are, I can not stop n a, right? " type plump put his hand on the fly, this was always a set of n and a half. He waited for an answer. Simon did not know what to do about a very direct question if he saved and would lose his golden opportunity and I was sure Art would laugh it. " Ah..... that's all talk," said the nature of a few seconds, trying to provoke the n "and say something, or I 'm going with my mates of... " won curiosity, Simon start value whispered " Errr... well... I... ummm you press it a little... " n " Y... " said Art, is now very curious and randy himself ", and where if... ? " "thinkingOh God! Ummm... ummmm... in bed, I... "Simon was now bright red, ", and uh... ummm... bedtime y... " " andNo, what then? "Direct question class. " Errr... sometimes... mmm... in the morning... it's always... hard uh So, " Simon said, then quickly adding also lead to their shame," If that.. ? " " Hey, let's talk about you, not me... ! "Said Art, trying to hand in your pocket without obvious:" How long you press n goes to... and nothing happens ? " to be bright red, Simon said, " maybe a few Uummmm minutes... y... uh... Art, you really need to know everything... " " Oh, yes. ! Vital, "said Art, enjoyed every second I hit the final of his cock rock hard," Well, what happened, " " I have a errrrrr... ummm kind of tingling and I... I have, I leave it! " Stammered Simon, who was completely and totally embarrassed. " Why do you think and then stops ? " You called the technique " that never worked... " " Well, no... oh, I do not know... ummmm... Why? " " Well, you show me, "said a determined way," At this moment... while You have an erection, make have a look! " Simon seemed surprised, no one had seen his cock soft, much less drive " No, no... Art... No, I can not... no... This is... a... no... I can not... " the art was very good and played his trump card: " Well, that's all s little brother... you have to understand... I have to see it, as you might... so... You could do no wrong... and is not good to see... I can not talk about it... this does not work, I have to do you do !. " He said Art muddy his modest final four and a half inches in pocket and rubbed the precum that results in his soiled and cum panties. Smiling, she thought ' damn about two inches " certainly sounded much bigger than four inches and a half! Simon was moved by his thoughts, he dares the most embarrassing thing in the life of your s art show his erect penis or little has come so far, if they leave everything and run the risk of forever art s Ridiculously. " Well... " said ArtTo move to shuffle in his seat trying to be panties, all manipulations with the crack now trapped in the ass ", you know, or not? " " But... the art... you can not just tell me... " " no, no... you have to know that... I have to grind everything to suggest that "s said he hoped Simon could not see much of the large tent in the jeans. Simon had a brain wave. "But... type, could not show me yours is is hard because, well... then I could see well... " " Perhaps I have, but I see you do well... but who needs it, not me. " so said he produced another piece of pre-cum, sighed and gently squeezed his legs together awaiting a response from Simon. almost half a minute, that is not the sound of the TV, it was quiet. It is clear that Simon is now in a hopeless situation. The art was intelligent work so there was no way that the total humiliation, but in the n side, if it proves species has its tail, you learn all about masturbation. " The art... well... well... I` spose Uuummm... us... me, me, errrrrr... I...... but could.. " Simon said quietly. Her face completely bright red said it all. "But do not laugh at me ? " "" Of course not. " of art, see the bright red face of Simon, who somehow managed to keep a straight face very right. I had never thought that Simon would fall in love with her and now only imagine what it will be able to Nigel, his best school say masturbate secret friend and partner. " Well, that's good, if... ummmm... "He said, surprised:" Well, where is... uh, come on then "n " We.. can. Ummm... we have. " Simon said glancing nervously at his watch, " to 40 minutes before the mother returns to work... oh, the art I do not know if I... " " Do not worry, we have plenty of time. "Art said, knowing he could go limp to ejaculation in a minute, " What's in my room because there is no ' point of view on the main road and then we can see if the mother becomes soon... " Simon swallowed what he agreed. " come so few people. "art, he said enthusiastically, as if the order n of the chair, but in the hope of Simon would be the first, so I could not see, to explode the tail effort of his pants! Tiny Lolitas " OK... " said Simon, very nervous, he got his now soft with hard cock n is " Well, hurry... " Art, he said excitedly. Simon went out the door and stairways should be noted that the outlines of his pants looked very tempting through the thin material. " to go... " said Art Simon and pushed open the door in the bedroom of his s. Simon looked around, there was nothing special, apart from the slight smell of sweaty feet. He was not in the room for ages and not look as if things had changed much over the unmade bed, and from the pile of laundry in the corner. In addition, he noticed something that seemed familiar to stick to the bottom of the pile of dirty of clothes, which looked suspiciously like one of your favorite T -shirts. type interrupted his thoughts, before I could ask,"Simon, why do not you sit at the head of the bed and then I can go there, on the other end, and to tell you what to do... " looking Simon built in the leaves and began to use the leaves is flattering, he frowned, like looking down, "type", he said, "They had an accident ot something... what does all this... " yellow shows points, dotted the white sheets. Now was the turn of art ashamed and a little red, "Nothing... no, Simon, who shed a little... ummmm... errrrrr orange pumpkin... mmm... last night... now, lets get going with your ummmm masturbation lesson before Mom returns. " " orange juice in bed oh lucky! " Simon said innocently,"Oh, well.. ummm... well, what can I do... oh, the art I do not know if I can... is so embarrassing... I really ? " " until... but if you want to know about straw, and you have to, n , is the only way, " said Art coincidentally similar, but very promising to Simon crutch "So come... Get it up! " Simon, went to get on the floor of courage, who was now feeling some very silly and started painting again. He sat up slowly in bed , being aware of the importance of stained sheets and put his right hand in his pocket, began trying to rub some life into your shrunk tap. art was face down on the lower end of bed, especially when it disguised as his penis throbbing. offered tips to help Simon has a poor drive. " will tell you what, Simon," he said, trying desperately to be included emotion ", which looks like as if it comes out is that? So, why do not you go to take yer pants off because..... Well, you have some time n have not you? " " Oh, shit... "Simon hoarsely :" Do I ? " " I Do? Oh, yes. Must ! "Art said, adding enthusiastically," but you can keep yer pants in a bit... No? " " ' Spose so.... "Simon said softly, sounding very apathetic. The fell off the bed and put up start pulling in the waist his pants. 'Go... "said Art gratifying, grinding his hard cock in bed , the interior of the letter were very sticky due to the ever- - increasing flow of pre-cum that he did not come. Remove watching children in my underwear was a big change in the n art, white panties and Simon have just begun to show how the pants slowly got out of art has always been more enthusiastic. " Ooh... oh... what a nice white shorts, Simon. " I said, trying to appear normal. " But you wear white pants, right? " Simon asked, shaking hands cupping the small pocket on the front of his pants, "Mom, do not buy else.. do you? " " no, but I would like some of these colors... , "Art said, I'm not sure n therefore, he admitted, but it did. "Much more fashionable. " " Yes, I want some too. " Said Simon was cutting his pants show all dressed in tight little ass, " But who 't em seeHough? " " Uuummm, no idea... but always be good for the gym "has changed to that would not? " said Art and stared at the slip- up by adding Simon " has a nice ass.... and Simon.. I like yer pants are what make them? " " do not know... "said Simon looked up and suddenly felt very silly standing in just her underwear without evidence an erection, " ? San Miguel Woollie.. " I do not know... Who are you? "n pressed his legs together, as Tiny Lolitas if to hide, and plaintiff asked a voice," What was I want to do.. art is not hard to get ? " now realizes that not even mentioned the subject masturbation and could only disappear into the ground to escape from a total of n the humiliation of it all. He was convinced that his penis never hard over again.. " Well, oooohhh... "Said Art, depositing another portion of pre -ejaculate in the bag moisture sticky underwear, " Oooohhh..... just rub that...... mmm just love to rub yer pants outside, ad then... Oooohhh... fuck! "As more sticky mass filter into his pants. The s difficult to resist to grab the crutch, but succeeded is stained a little with the red tip of his cock hard as the bed hump n. Total ejaculation should not be so far. "Then Simon... and then you can put yer hand in his pants and mess with him as Tiny Lolitas a little... "He added, rapid breathing, since n wall above the bed. " Ok... "Said Simon, sitting in bed, according to the instructions, your small hands go slow has all the pants and inner thigh. Finally, s, he worked in his underwear through openings in the legs, where your small penis was now, thankfully, started to shake. " Oooohhh... which is very good.. Ooohhh... so good, " said Art, seeing as as you dare. mashing his hips into the mattress, lingerie now literally stuck her sparse pubic hair with precum n that " as in bed the night? "I asked eagerly. Simon looked up, " Yer, I think so ", whichnaively replied, "but I do not get my ​​pants to sleep, I hit 'em and put me in JimJam... but, but I love the feeling of me while I'm wearing underwear.... ummmm.. that falls asleep in his pants then art ? " " hhhmmmm... sometimes, "said Art, his cock now practically drip n precum sticky mess now soaking the front of his pants in danger at all in the blanket! " sleep in my pants... mmm... I sometimes do not you?" Said a type doubt that many said that without too much of him, " you believed. \\ \\ n errr... it's hard for you, with his tail with his pants I mean... ummm.. who likes to do sexy things in it? pants? " shorts Simon has now developed a good blow loose in front. " Yes.. " He paused and looked questioningly at the kind of " so what you want to know... yes, I'm a little excited in my pants when I'm straight... so n..... I'm not the only one who is ? " the currency fell,Art was in shorts! While the weather was warm, Simon smiled and quickly added, "You are a dirty lawn.... So where is then" " Um.... " art was captured? "Here in my room... " he confessed, however, a red. ", then regular, every day, huh ?" Said Simon, who now began to lose of her inhibitions. He put a hand on the front of his underwear. "And, Do you want to see the other guys in underwear, then? " " Ummmm... sort of... ," said Art, I like to let those who had \\ \\ n his secrets he had hoped that was the only question that is not request. He tried to imitate the back with the words: "Here, take, take yer pants down, then stands up as Simon...... and slowly... for me... " n " Well... then? " Simon asked not let go again, "Want to play with yer dick in yer pants every day? " left art a little red, "a few days.. yeah!" said to know it was above all a at least three times a day. " to see what other kids do ?" Simon asked RepeThe operation of this main question. " No, no, no..... ummmm watch uuummm only if they become in the locker room.. ummm as you expect? " Said Art lying his teeth and hopes that her pregnancy not show too much. " Hmmm ! " Simon replied, " That makes as it did in my underwear," stand again, smiling and shaking her cute little butt when he made a show n bit his trousers a little at a time at the end of the n accidentally put his hard cock little slot urine. " Oh, shit.... Simon... " said Art, now really excited to start his crutch in a sea in pre -ejaculate "only to be there, and then lie to me like I can tell you to do what is right. And, why not let yer pants, I'll have ' em off for you... ! " n " Well... " said Simon, without knowing that he was now the kind of power to the fancies. He left his trousers at the ankles and limping n of art with its panties s partly because of his nice round ass and its hardlittle trick is getting the fly. nature made ​​him sleep on his back so his cock was inches from the art s face. "That's good... Simon," he said, looking at his little red brothers Prick, both boys were circumcised. "I see that it should be as close to to do well. Well, let's get out of his pants... I will! " This kind of sat down and leaned over to gently touch Simons s reports, and the two sides reached a simple, little by little, he liked, of course, all times, especially when Simon hair little ballsac n to the eye. Simon laughed, "Oh, it Tiny Lolitas feels nice.. so sexy... how do you do, dass.. ooohh... stings care of my hard... ooohh... " s still kind of underwear down, barely able to contain the urge to shoot his load in front of her soaking wet underwear. "and the art," said Simon, " you know I do not feel so embarrassed, not more... maybe it's because you're my brother and I trust you... " despite his skill and sexual innuendo, art washis younger brother, he smiled. "Do not worry little man, I would never hurt you... " and then adding candidly, "and if there is something... I always Now! Embarrassing " ".. Oh, "said Simon, knowing how shy to show your own style prick or even talk about sex than Nigel. This was just a opportunity for art, as it was for Simon, who had never been like brothers talking about the taboo subject of masturbation. It was not until recently that art was brave enough to take a straw to speak with his friend Nigel, which eventually led to another series of erect cock. To mark the third had not cum, actually masturbate, but more by chance, as none of them could control your orgasm, and, in fact, they were both very last, shame a result. However, because the ice was broken, gave frequent masturbation sessions, but never touched another cock ! The only thing that n are really enjoy watching otherChildren in the bathrooms and n , especially in the locker room to go to where they are "short spotting" as which is called type the conversation turned to Simon and the business in hand, \\ \\ n " oooohhh..... ummmm...... I see your cock... oh... now is sooo beautiful...... " " is in reality? "Simon asked innocently, closed his eyes as he stroked tap n: " I really can show how to masturbate art... now... please... "because I think I can get? the excitement! " " just stay there, like... "Said Art Simon finally delete white pants and then looks to see that his eyes still closed. That n thoroughly inspected before the hot pants to sniff the bag quickly, Simon 's chicken footprint still visible. "These are Woollie "' he said with a look at the label on the waist, " nice soft touch ' em when... " " Hers is not the same then? "Simon asked, eyes still closed and now fascinated his brothers always privacy. " No, they are wrongrrrr... Mom buys me uuummm Y fronts... "Art said with moderation.. " Oooh... naja.. now what do those who are less... you know.. that seen ' em? I saw 'em in the store the other day... yer not resist pants so that everyone can see what you wear ! What they call ? "Said Simon," Low Rise... This is not true of all, low? " " Ummmm... no, no... very normal... as a father.. "Said Art shame. It was very conscious of the shame she felt so n appeared the morning of white material, which were always visible in the O his waistband. N \\ \\ "Now that the style for you ! " Simon laughed," and many children carry this s is in school... I've seen 'em in the locker room seen... my co- Joe... is too large.. Oh, and Alex has ' em too, "said Simon, ", however, his look all worn out and, like you're going to fall all the time " " hhhmmmm... "Art said he hated to Y -Front his mother know that the choice of UnderwearEar was the least popular in the the world, at least not wearing a vest game ! a 15 He was well aware of what other kids had, and I used to look in the mirror wearing only his full cut and fronts, to imagine that in some very fashionable, cutting low, red bikini panties before masturbating with a solid that usually end with him running hated white lingerie ! n was Simon 's underwear on the floor and went to Simon, his s own rigid cock sparse pubic hair and even his balls were absolutely coated in the sticky pre-cum into his pants. It was really soaking through and made a very wet in the front of Tiny Lolitas his pants. He was sure that now might start to smell, just waiting for Simon not Peter Simon in his buttocks, he said, "Well, look... a straw if maintains n rubbing his cock until you cum ? Look, I want that inclines you have to copy do... okay? " Simon himself on his elbow and watchesnd as art made ​​with the thumb ring index finger and "And now," said Art, "which gently rub his penis and try to down like this... The secret is to keep rubbing the shallow the end command n " As a kind of experienced hand up and down a few inches hard Simons, who begun, " Art... stop... I can not stand... oooohhh... shit... " sorry art stopped and said with a smile: " Well, big boy now, you have to be... and not about.. but I do the same... and with a straw if kept until you go... " " But... how I can know when I run? "said Simon, hand and now n see in soft "...... I just... just... I never put done this before... and I stop after a while... ooohhhhhhhh shit here... is incredible! " " do not stop ! you know when you run! " smiled while pushing the type crutch as hard as he could to bed. " But what is cum ? " Said Simon, "I mean, ummm... masturbate cum o that... I do not quite understand ? " "Oh... uh.. look.. "Said the art, however, her body close to the bed, " is like rubbing masturbation, right? Cumming and what if rubbed finally make enough... ? see? " ", sort of... "Said Simon, still not quite sure ", so cum n then ? " " Ah, well, " said Art," is like when you rub it enough, it cum... in this way means that you get in your damn luvly feeling Prick... But if you're older, like me,... uh... also get a few notes uuummm sperm, semen, some children who are called... you write cum. D ' get now? " " I think so... "Said Simon, is rubbed on the tip of the tail," said not cum when the straw so... but if straw... because you are older.. is that right now? Then you can run ? " " No, no... You can not see me cum! "Said Art, mental stampede the same idea of ​​exposing their wet underwear !" No, what makes you who today.... Yet doing well so far to go with it! " less than a minuteIdiotic to see Simon could contain a short type not started charging around the bed to treat the rhythm , Simon was now in his excitement, but he began to moan a low voice. " Are you okay? " Said Simon, sounding concerned to look now breathing very fast. " Yes, yes... a little... ah shit.... ummmm..... oooohhh cramp... hell..... ooooohhhhhhh Jesssuss shit !" type groaned as his body began to Shake with impending orgasm : "you put.. more... ooohh... shit... oh.... bloody cramp " \\ \\ n "Art............... hhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooo shit," said Simon rub n at the end of his tail between his fingers, "Art... Art, my feet are... tingling... is that all was lost... good! " Enter the answer off, as Simon began the experience of all burning sensation in his first real dry orgasm. His little body was shaking and turned around in bed with hand pump still firmly at the end of his punctures. I was sure, heurinating in a kind of hot liquid, but there is nothing seemed to come and finally collapsed s more or less in bed exhausted after reaching their first dry, but intense orgasm. There was too much for art, he may try, I could not forced to his swollen cock into the mattress, the more comfortable and loaded fronts n viscous pre-cum supply lubrication for the pain of his cock. With all the thrill of the afternoon, it only took a few hard knocks before shooting is the biggest load of his life into his already full, smelly, unpleasant panties.. for a few seconds, he continued his vigorous drive stopped at a time if he remembered he was not alone. Simon had been very fair quiet, so quiet that the sound of the type of turn in the sperm impregnated writings was sure to draw a number of curious questions when he ventured little beyond. The two stood there, exhausted but very satisfied. Simon had learned enough to jerk him and his friends happy for tomorrowand as a time n. While the art really took off big time by monitoring and encouraging another to masturbate children that had interfered with his obviously does not mind too much. I could hardly wait to tell Nigel ! With the sound of car doors, both immediately sat bolt upright n and almost in unison, "Fuck..... my mother! " return with the surprise of his mother and spends his sexual hype now, Simon was sporting a small flaccid penis and began to feel something new, looking desperately embarrassed by his clothes. ", art, art... " he exclaimed, "Where's my pants... gone? " " Oh, shit, I do not know... " said n-type still struggling to see ! No respectable, which is difficult with the huge wet spot that is in front of his jeans and the smell of fresh semen now clearly "hurry.... Oh, shit" Simon said : " This just damn yer yer pants with pants, which will be here in a second... and not know " thatfroze for a second when it opens the door and listened to their mother Tiny Lolitas yelled up the stairs. " Is there guys... come and give me your hand with all purchases... now... please! " N "We have come," said Simon, to the point where dissolve art began to with laughter Simon 's response. They were both still laughing with Simon struggling to pull up his pants as he walked toward the door. " Hurry up boys... " your mother came to mourn as she ran downstairs the car. was like a bag was downgraded to a car loaded was received Color surprised to note the high humidity in the front of his pants and hid s now with the bag! He had already decided to fill his underpants with this amount of sperm that was a bad idea, because not only was all that now n sticky and unpleasant strong smell of semen, but so that n the very erotic excitement when he did his cock began to hard again. I did not know how he did it, but managed to downloadCommercial and escape without the stain of moisture, either by Simon and his mother, although it has some comments he made about a strange smell ! Leaving Simon in conversation with of his mother in the football team of the school, got into the security fast in your room, shut the door and looked in the mirror, his pants around shops and very obvious wet spot. He removed his shoes and pull the zipper moved his ass to pants fall down slowly in the mock striptease. With jeans around their ankles and cum soaked panties are now exposed to the overwhelming smell of fresh semen excited him even more. He looked in the mirror and saw the height of fashion in their Y- Front, distinctive blue logo on the heap, the tense sperm s bag and soaked in the ass panel sagging in the back! As he pulled the Federal -to -peer at the front, he was surprised by the smell n overwhelming semen and sweat, his penis is bright pRoud of the solidification of the whole mess in her pubic hair. Lying in his bed, pulled the front of the underwear to their exposure hard cock and took the largest amount of semen could bag s underpants that he used as a lubricant, tail rubbing is always swollen. with the smell of semen heavy in the air, and what was going on with Simon not 20 minutes before fresh in their minds, it was Tiny Lolitas not long until n to the point where began to ejaculate. This time, instead of cum on panties, which could trigger the sperm on your belly and shovel then rub his penis until it remains difficult. He was not able to cum over again, but I kept going to the lubricating qualities were exhausted and the friction was simply doing his cock sore. soft now to avoid Tiny Lolitas a puncture wound, which makes underwear down and took his out, folding contains sperm that put him in the pile of dirty of clothes in the corner. Seeing Simon 's underwear on the floor, where n t carefully compiledEdge of the eyes, which used clean the rest of bubbles of warm milk still in the womb and try to clear sticky mass around her pubic hair and balls bowed, and then right and filled under his bed to dry eyes. His mother had long since ceased to keep your wardrobe in the order given and had left him to himself. Therefore, when he left the clean clothes, must be a lesson to get organized. Tiny Lolitas However, with the frequent deposit in your underwear, often delving into the chest and stack boxes of laundry and cleaning still can not find underwear! So with the pile of laundry now a priority, decided to to get it resolved, after returning to see that Nigel surprised to hear what art had done! As it was getting late The solution seemed obvious through the pile of dirty clothes, to look for has found something he could wear for tonight and I hope ths next day, at which time he hoped his mother has ceased laundering have disappeared. sifting through the pile of clothes that smell of sweaty feet seemed was finally cum n dry a pair of panties, and another n as some urine stains and tire marks seems strange not too bad for their business dressed very quickly and just leave the house to Nigel. Meanwhile, there was an hour to go before dinner, so Simon was back into his room and his work is surprising, after all stimulation with the art, he found Tiny Lolitas that simply is not in the Concentrate work. Leaning back in his chair and looked out the window in the back garden put both hands in his pockets and began to squeeze his dick now rapidly increasing. Dreamy said the shame of the first and then all the incredible orgasm, also recalled that her Tiny Lolitas favorite shirt and your pants s still in the art room. He stood up, with new arrangements of his erection in her underwear and SeptemberA place for art in the room know that would be time for tea. type the entire room was exactly the same approached the bed unmade, Simon smelled like , the pile of clothes in the corner, as the smell of old socks now with a new smell, a strange odor extended by almost sour. I carefully made ​​his way through the clothes began to see that is missing, and his jersey has not changed, of course. then more than half the height of the reserves, was an arm of the T -shirt and more dig n it was directly under a couple of his brothers are dirty Y fronts. When he discovered that it was clear that were the source new odors, and collecting, he found his great o wonder that his fingers were now covered in a kind of goo. that stared at the sheet and was not sure what to do, his curiosity finally n , which is against him, he parted the folds of material that appeared always be put together and looked inward. Although his hands were now covered in semen, became fascinated n and could see arising from the huge deposits in the bag, s just a little tail, though, of course, did not recognize that \\ \\ n not just an orgasm. This was the ` cum ' I had heard ? If yes, then type resulted in a lot the same, since the pants were positive, even including the impregnated bit under section Bullets Reluctantly Tiny Lolitas , folded and put in place a T -shirt now that smells a little seed and was definitely ready for a wash ! sticky fingers up his nose and sniffed, then account of what he did, gently licked a stranger detect salty taste, which seemed to stay in your mouth. In the previous work and now this discovery was Simon Erotic Heart beating very fast, his penis Tiny Lolitas had become so rigid and again that it is almost painful n and called for additional help. Grinding, he left, he turned to go his return toroom and then something else caught his attention was straight, peeking out from the bottom of the pile of smelly clothes. Do not know why he did, but he pulled the blue cloth and a pair appeared panties, she had always dreamed of - low-cut bikini those who do not have a fly. He got up and looked puzzled wondering where kind of earth I would have it, especially because only that afternoon had rejected by everyone. Simon was in a prolonged state of excitation, n never drew possible, with trembling hands, he began developing his underwear. the allegations it looked very very new, and showed the label, BHS and size are "small", Simon thought something wrong, because the art was more than half But even more fascinating, seemed as if someone had tried to put his initial white label n in a leached felt pen letters DR seemed barely visible. turning them upside down, took out a full investigation of the stock the area and thought material felt a little starch, which could not understand completely! His next part of the audit was the thought that enjoy it, increase it to his face, sniffed and licked the vigorously and concluded in his semen taste before someone n cum on them not long ago time. He stood there and gave them the flavor of dried semen on her lips and his throbbing erection in his pants clean, it was only the shock front the garden brought back to reality. He knew he had that the new art visit of Nigel. As fast as he could, folded and put in the bottom of the stack, ensuring that they are barely visible, such as before, and then took the smell T -shirts, shot back to the safety to forget his own room in search of his own lack of underwear. Once safely on the locked door, sat on his bed and began to gently massaging his hard cock. Masturbation was time n ew Today there was more sexual arousal and experienceny of his life, and took his spirit, filled with all kinds of thoughts and questions. However, it was a nagging thought in your eyes now high DR true owner of the blue sheet, but how and what kind of grab n him ? It was noted that he would keep an eye on them. ------------------------ to follow Section 6
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